The Beginning of the End!

Today I am beginning one of my last three courses for my Master’s degree. My last three courses will focus on fiction fundamentals, and I’ll really be buckling down to work heavily on my thesis. I’m really torn on my thesis. The original idea that I applied to the program with is still hanging around in my head, but during my last class, an idea struck me that has stuck. I have a vision yet I’m completely nerve-wrecked that I can’t pull it off.

idea book

The original idea was a dramatic love story. No glitz, no creatures of the night, etc. Humans with human problems, though not ones experienced in everyone’s lives. My new idea is quite the opposite. I’ve always gravitated toward paranormal works, and I have a clear vision of this paranormal world where although the human population knows about other beings, they don’t realize their complicit role in this underworld’s corruption. Of course, it’s more clear and detailed than that. Do I have the talent to fully create this other world for my readers? Can I write a decent fight scene? I have so many doubts about writing something that I love to read yet have never attempted myself.

I guess my question is this: should I stick with what I know and write the love story, or should I stretch my comfort zone and write my paranormal piece? Decisions, decisions!

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