It’s October!

It may sound strange, but this is by far my favorite time of the year.  The days are warm, the nights are cool, and Halloween is in the air! Many people love the upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween has always been my favorite. Although it takes a lot to creep me out, the creepy and spooky that comes out this time of year always gets me excited. It’s really no surprise-I enjoy horror, supernatural, and bloody things year round. Even though my first homemade doggy costume last year didn’t turn out the best…

Halloween seems to really spark creativity in many people, from creating costumes to decorating their homes. I may not have much in the way to decorating or make-up skills, but I love to read and write Halloween-themed poems and stories. Here’s a haiku to get in the spirit!

Halloween Arrives
Spooks appear these nights,
when crisp leaves crunch under foot
and cool wind drifts by.

Until the end of the month, I’ll be sharing some of my own Halloween-themed works and some of my favorites by others. Do you have a favorite story or poem that fits this time of year?

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9 years ago

can't wait to see your Halloween-themed work