11 Reasons Writing Is the Worst, But Nothing Else Is Better

Some days there’s nothing good about writing. Everything you type stinks…if you even get that far. Other days, everything flows right out, racing like a storm-ravaged stream onto the page. Next time you’re having a day full of “writer’s block,” self-doubt, and extreme self-criticism, remember that you’re not alone and take a moment for a laugh or two before taking a deep breath and diving back in. Because the only way to fix it is to write, right?

1. You’re completely fickle about what you write…

2. But that’s when you actually write…

3. And stop getting distracted by online “inspiration.” Or Facebook.

4. Of course, you spend a lot of time doing legitimate research and are full of a ton of random information. It’s always great to drop a “fact” bomb later when all that research becomes relevant to real life…

5. Then you worry that you’re on a government list somewhere since you just researched things that could be considered dangerous in the hands of the wrong people, such as your characters.

6. You have to keep a notebook, or your phone, on your nightstand because the perfect character, dialogue, or plot twist always strike in bed.

7. Of course, when it’s time to write it later, your mind goes blank; you should have got up to write right instead of sleeping. 

8. That moment when everything you planned goes out the window and your characters take you in a direction you never expected.

9. When you have to make the hard decisions to stay real and keep your readers on their toes.

10. You love to start a new book, you but find yourself very critical of the character development, dialogue, and plot in everything you read. 

11. Depending on the day, it’s both the hardest and the easiest thing you do!

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