Writing Prompt: Time Travel

Write a short scene or poem where your characters travel back in time to their hometown 50+ years prior. Describe what it looks like. Give it a purpose. There are no other rules in this time travel writing prompt!
“You won’t believe it!” Kim waved at me excitedly.
Wading through the mounds of moth-eaten clothes, books, and boxes, I found my sister cross-legged with eyes glued to a pile on the floor. A huge smile graced her face as she patted the only empty spot in the room.
“You know we only have a few hours to finish this mess,” I teased, sliding to the ground. “Dad and Uncle Jim are over halfway through with the other rooms.”
“Please! We got the junk room! Besides, this is where all the good stuff is. Did you see the photos of grandad? I’ve never seen half of them.”
“Nan kept always him near, but I think it hurt too much to speak of him even after all those years,” I spoke honestly as Kim nodded in agreement.
Pointing at the collection of neatly folded papers, Kim grinned and handed me the first. The sheet felt fragile in between my fingers as I gently unveiled the beautiful curves of Nan’s script. A sweet floral scent drifted toward my face—the perfume Nan wore for the entirety of my memory. My heart caught in my throat as I read the first word.
I’m counting down the days until you return to me. Mother and I are almost done planning. We finished sewing my dress last week and Reverend Smith is free the day after you return home. Your mother is even helping me learn to cook your favorite meals. Our time apart has really helped me get to know your family and although I’d rather have you with me, I am thankful that I have a part of you here with me in them. I am also so very thankful that Uncle Thomas gave you work even if it was away from me.
I’ve told you how shocked we were when the post office burned to the ground, but you will be even more shocked when you see Main Street. You remember the tree in the middle of the road by the smokehouse? Now when you drive toward Sandy’s store, the road runs straight. They cut it down! They put the road right over it after some young men crashed into it and died. I guess it was only a matter of time before something like that happened.
So much has changed. When you turn onto Main Street from the house, you see beautiful pink and white crape myrtles lining the road as far as the eye can see. A few street lamps dot the street here and there now. A couple of houses are sprouting up near our turn and they’ve built a line of storefronts a mile down, near Phil’s Crossroad and across from Sandy’s store. It’s still fields and trees beyond that, but Mayor Bright says “by sprucing up Main Street we will draw all sorts of good things to town”. We’re hoping we get the new mill instead of Prattville. Maybe then you could work there instead of with Uncle Thomas and we won’t have to move.
Write soon. I’ll be waiting to hear from you and maybe father will bring me to visit before you come home.
“Wow,” I breathed.
“I know, right?” Kim wiggled in her seat and eagerly handed me the next letter. Shaking my head, I smiled softly and turned toward the door.
“Dad! Uncle Jim! Come quick!”
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