Apocalypse on the Shore

A young newly-married couple enjoys their first vacation together: a day at the beach. They’ve just arrived and set down their belongings when things go awry. This is a society ending event, and they have front-row seats to its beginning. And the danger lies unseen—until it doesn’t in this writing prompt.

They may survive, or they may die. It may be a spring break crowd or a sparse spatter of beach-goers. A lot in the setting is up to you, but some things are not:

  • The year is 1950.
  • There is no tsunami or weather-related incident.
  • They have no weapons.
  • One of them is scared to go into the ocean.

Think about possibilities for the danger they face, and be sure not to let modern technology wiggle its way into the tale.

TIP: Don’t let the apocalypse itself blind you: Consider what your characters are like and how their traits may cause them to react under pressure. Is there anything in one of their pasts that might impact how events unfold? What jobs or life experiences could influence their actions? How strong or fragile is their relationship?

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