I Woke to a Talking Animal: Writing Prompt

At 10 a.m. on a dreary Saturday morning, you finally roll out of bed at a window-rattling round of thunder. A walk to the kitchen prepares you for the usual morning routine, but not what you see next. An animal stares as you halt in the doorway. Then, it speaks.

talking animal writing prompt

Here are the rules for this writing prompt:

  • The animal is not a regular household pet. It can be an imaginary creature or a house-pet sized version of an animal normally in the wild.
  • Your character must have a vocal reaction to the sight.
  • The animal can be friend or foe, but we cannot know until the end.
  • Only this animal speaks. If the character owns a usual household pet, it cannot.

Everything else is up to you in this talking animal writing prompt!

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