Tornado Alley

A fascination with weather put meteorology on my major radar in college. Just for a bit, though. Learning all the science intimidated me too much. My interest never waned, however, and I still watch severe weather outbreaks or livestreams from storm chasers on the ground. Still, I understand such weather events trigger fear, and for good reason. That’s where the inspiration for this tornado-inspired writing prompt comes from.

Sirens blare as the weatherman warns citizens to take cover. Imagine the largest tornado ever recorded is on the way to your character’s town and “document” his or her reaction. Whether it’s one of terror, calm determination, or fascination is open in this tornado-themed writing prompt.

For reference, the widest recorded tornado occurred in El Reno, Oklahoma, on May 31, 2013. It was a multi-vortex giant that grew to a size of 2.6 miles wide, with radar-indicated wind speeds of at least 295 mph. Sadly, despite being over mostly open land, 8 people died; they were all in vehicles.

Mother nature is beautiful, yet utterly terrifying!

TIP: If you have a weather-related experience to draw from, use it!

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