A Phobia Brought Us Together

In this phobia writing prompt, write about two friends or a couple who met through a fear. It may impact just one or both of them, but somehow it brings them together.

phobia writing prompt

Read my take on this in “The Stairwell.” Funny thing, it’s based off of my (slight) fear of stairs, or bathmophobia! I do not avoid them, nor do I panic when using them, but I definitely have a fear. If there is a space between the step, my anxiety rises. If they’re too steep, I grip the railing like a mad woman. Never do I take more than one step at a time (though, I am short, so that probably influences it), and I always concentrate. Nope, I never fell down stairs or steps. Perhaps it’s a side effect of my fear of heights.

BONUS: Write based on one of your own fears!

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