Fallin’ in Love and Romancin’

Don’t have time to write a scene or poem? That’s what these prompts are for! Boost your creativity with today’s Short and Silly: a romantic writing prompt.

I don’t typically gravitate toward romance in fiction. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’d rather a story focus on something outside of a couple’s relationship. For that reason, it’s not easy for me to write romantic scenes. Logically and emotionally, I understand it; however, it always seems like I rehash the same old, same old. I need to practice and up my game.

romantic writing prompt

Topic: Romance

Goal: Describe romance in at least 5 different ways.

Bonus: Don’t talk about lips, heartbeats, butterflies, or any of the other usual descriptions of romantic attraction.

Here are a few I came up with:

  1. As I spoke, the color of her cheeks matched the rose garden. Magnificent, I thought.
  2. The leaves blow and twirl and dance and become one with the wind, a playful scene I’d like to recreate with him.
  3. Her eyes were glacial, yet the heat of the room warmed as she set them upon me.

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