Just for Fun: Caffeine Addict Writing Prompt

In this new series of writing prompts, there is no focus on a full poem, scene, or story. Only one thing matters: how creative can you be? This caffeine addict writing prompt is an exercise to jolt your creative thinking.

Caffeine Addict Writing Prompt

Topic: Caffeine Addiction

Goal: Describe caffeine addiction in at least 5 different ways.

Bonus points: Forget 5, make it 10!

I’m caffeine-free these days, but I remember the pull. Here are some I came up with.

  1. I lovingly pat my coffee pot good morning but grumble when my dog doesn’t sleep until my first cup.
  2. The sighs and drips from that small black machine make my mouth water like a bulldog that senses food.
  3. Red Bull kick-starts my heart; long days without that horrible flavor break it.

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