Rain, Rain, Come Out to Play!

Don’t have time to write a scene or poem? That’s what these prompts are for! Boost your creativity with today’s Short and Silly: a rainy writing prompt.

Yesterday I was craving a nice rainstorm. The steady drops hitting the pavement or a tin roof lulls me into deep relaxation. It’s the best sleeping weather and the perfect excuse to stay inside (and I’m quite the homebody). While I didn’t receive but a nice, short sprinkle from the sky, I thought about how I describe rain in my writing. And I realized that I describe it in many of the cliche ways.

rainy writing prompt

No more of that! Today, think about the movement, sound, feel, and taste of rain and that which may accompany it.

Topic: Rain

Goal: Describe rain in at least 5 different ways.

Bonus: Don’t use the words “rain,” “water,” “cold,” “blinding,” “glistening,” “drop,” “wet,” “splash,” “fall,” “roar,” or “bounce.”

Here are a few I came up with:

  1. Contrasted with the heat, it’s a soothing caress as each bead explodes against my skin.
  2. The scent of the sky’s tears swirled in a goosebump-inducing breeze, its shadow parked a mere mile away.
  3. A growing grumble from Mother Nature’s blue dome deposited gallons that surfed each blade, sidewalk, and curb.

Share your response to today’s rainy writing prompt in the comments or tag me on Twitter!

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