The Walk: A Hair-Pulling Adventure

Some couples work well together under stress. Others bicker until but complete the task. Another set argues until they give up. Every couple is different, and in this couple’s writing prompt, you stress test a one through an accidental adventure!

couple's writing prompt

Write a short story about a couple who gets lost and seeks their way out of the predicament.

  • They’ve been together for about one year and do not live together, so they do not know all of one another’s habits. After all, you often get to know someone’s hidden traits once you live with them.
  • One, or both, of them owns a pet. It is with them, or they worry about it being at home.
  • They have a few items with them: two half-empty water bottles, one snack bar, gum, a set of keys.
  • One of them fears the dark. How much? You decide.
  • The location, season, weather, etc., is up to you.

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