Inspired by Halloween: An Alien Visitation

One of the things that creeped me out when I was younger was aliens. I hated watching anything to do with them late at night. No X-Files or the sort for me, no sir. Give me the goofiness of 3rd Rock From the Sun or nothing at all. Those fears are what inspired this writing prompt.

For this Halloween themed scene, short story, or poem, consider what would happen if an alien visited your town during Halloween. Would he/she/it stick out or blend in? Perhaps it wins best costume or easily convinces kids to stow away on its ship. Maybe it’s scared of the strange outfits and actions.

You might even take it a step further. Are there urban legends of animals or beings in or around where you live? Perhaps the alien meets creatures of the supernatural kind.

Let your mind explore the possibilities, and have fun!

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