Inspired by Halloween: Chickens Came Home to Roost

The year 2020 seems wilder than most, so why shouldn’t a #2020 Halloween? For this spooky writing prompt, we will take something normal to the extreme.

Imagine your are either a farmer or an individual who raises their own chickens. The sky is overcast, the wind breezy, and the day Halloween. A visit to the chicken coop seems normal at first. Nothing is bothering the chickens; they are all healthy and happy, at least as far as chickens go. You gather their eggs, and they feel…weird. How? That’s up to you. From there, get creative:

  • Do you crack open an egg (and if so, where and when), or do they open for you?
  • What is in them? Is it dangerous or just strange?
  • How do you investigate the occurrence?

No matter what you choose, something major must happen at midnight on Halloween.

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