Happy Dear Santa Letter Week!

November 7th through the 13th is Dear Santa Letter Week! This early Christmas-themed writing prompt is a reminder to have children get their letters ready, but it’s also a reason for you to write. And in your case, forget about when you were a kid. This time, you’re writing a letter to Santa as an adult.

Imagine Santa is real and provides one gift to each adult in the world. The catch? You must convince him that will it improve your life or that of your family in a great way. It cannot be a vacation or something abstract. He only gives an individual physical item.

So, describe the needs of your character’s family. Explain why this item will help them. If you fail to convince him or ask for something silly or ridiculously selfish, you won’t receive a lump of coal. You just receive nothing but his disappointment, expressed during his visit. (You can write about that, too!)

Just write the letter or turn it into a short story, if you like. Or, if you’re feeling even more creative, do it all in poem form!

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